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18/10/2022 Prof. Zhiyong FAN Awarded Xplorer Prize 2022
18/10/2022 ECE Prof. Zhiyong FAN Introduced the Latest Research Progress of His World’s First 3D Artificial Eye in a TV Program
07/10/2022 無線專訪 - 創科導航 - 電子熒幕技術(Chinese Only)
07/10/2022 明報 - 科大新款液晶屏 陽光下繼續高清 (Chinese Only)
07/10/2022 Topicks - 【創新科研】陽光下易讀不怕反光 科大研發新屏幕可應用於電子書及平板電腦 (Chinese Only)
05/10/2022 無線新聞 科大團隊研發兼具透射及反射光源新型屏幕 可借環境光顯示內容 (Chinese Only)
27/09/2022 Prof. Abhishek K SRIVASTAVA and Prof. Qiming SHAO won The ECE Faculty Teaching Excellence Appreciation Awards 2021~22
23/09/2022 Research Team Led by Prof. Abhishek SRIVASTAVA Awarded Champion in the TCL Scientific Research Vlog Competition 2022
17/07/2022 ECE PhD students Mr. Feng Feng has won Distinguished Student Paper Award in the ICDT 2022
15/07/2022 Ta Kung Pao-Technology·Innovation·Towards the Future
Hong Kong Alliance of Technology and Innovation was officially established
19/06/2022 Inheriting The Past Twenty-Five Years - Signing and Plaque Presentation of the Arrangement on Enhancing Innovation & Technology Co-operation between the Mainland and Hong Kong
08/06/2022 Display Daily - Improving Perovskite-Based LEDs Using Quantum Confinement
25/12/2021 RTHK - I&T New Era - Between Electro-Optical Displays
13/12/2021 HKDC - The Advanced Displays Technologies of HKUST Improve Visual Enjoyment, the International Leading Level Strongly Supports the Development and Progress of the Related Industries
18/08/2021 TVB News - Innovation GPS - New Technology of Display Screen
28/07/2021 TVB News - Innovation GPS - New-generation VR Headsets
17/05/2021 Prof. Man Wong wins the 2021 Slottow-Owaki Prize at SID Display Week 2021
17/05/2021 SKL Research Associate Dr Sunbin Deng won the Distinguished Paper Award at SID Display Week 2021
23/12/2020 Prof. Zhaojun Liu led Sitan Technology to win the championship in "HKUST-Yuexiu Group 2020 One-Million-Dollar Entrepreneurship Grand Final Competition"
10/12/2020 Prof. KWOK Hoi-Sing Named a Fellow of National Academy of Inventors
06/11/2020 Prof. Kei May LAU Became the First-Ever Woman Recipient of IET J. J. Thomson Medal for Electronics
21/05/2020 Prof. FAN Zhiyong Leads His Team to Publish Sci Fi-Inspired ‘Super Human Eye’ Research in Nature
01/12/2019 HKUST Annual Report 2018 - 2019: Awards and Recognitions
17/06/2019 Prof. Ching Wan Tang won the Kyoto Prize in Advanced Technology
17/05/2019 HKUST Scholar Prof. KWOK Hoi-Sing Reaps Prestigious Prize for Contributions to LCD Science and Technology
20/09/2018 - HK, Mainland sign I&T pact
03/07/2018 HKUST Develops a New Generation of LCD with Higher Efficiency, Resolution and Color Performance
14/06/2018 PSKL won the Best Prototype at I-Zone 2018 award at SID Display Week 2018
01/06/2018 ECE PhD candidate Ms. Liangyu Shi have won Distinguished Student Paper Award at the SID 2018 International Symposium
21/05/2018 Vladimir Chigrinov wins the 2018 Slottow-Owaki Prize 
19/05/2018 RTHK The Pulse - National funding available for HK hi-tech industries
16/5/2018 South China Morning Post - Representatives from country’s top research institutes attended a forum on cross-border cooperation in innovation in Hong Kong on Tuesday
16/05/2018 TVB News - Chinese officials explain projects and policymaking on cross-border cooperation in the innovation field as President Xi Jinping's commitment to support Hong Kong science and technology research(Chinese Only)
27/4/2018 Prof. Zhaojun Liu, was hired by Refond Optoelectronics Co., Ltd as the Independent Director (Chinese Only)
04/12/2017 -
16th International Conference on Ferroelectric Liquid Crystals
29/09/2017 ECE PhD candidates Mr. Sunbin Deng, Ms. Liangyu Shi, Mr. Chenxiang Zhao, PhD student Mr. Zhibo Sun and IAS Post-doctoral Fellow Dr. Yibin Jiang have won Distinguished Paper Award, Distinguished Poster Award and Best Paper Award in the IDMC’17
02/08/2017 TCL - 與香港三大名校合作 TCL佈局大灣區加速技術創新 (Chinese Only)
24/04/2017 HKET - 港商締造「顏色革命」研智能價錢牌助傳統零售求勝 (Chinese Only)
10/01/2017 文匯報 - 職銜怎麼變 仍是科學家 譚鐵牛訪浸大科大 讚港深創科園可吸人才(Chinese Only)
10/01/2017 大公報 - 細說與港不解之緣(Chinese Only)
10/01/2017 大公報 - 料港科研環境不斷改善(Chinese Only)
12/12/2016 Advanced Display Workshop 2016
01/08/2016 Alumni, Dr. Huajun PENG, starts 深圳納德光學有限公司 for 1 year, and awarded “Best Investment Value Company” on 2016 China culture industry capital financing Conference and awards ceremony in Beijing (Chinese Only)
07/12/2015 文匯報 - 港人年底可申用「國級」實驗裝備(Chinese Only)
06/12/2015 人民網 - 香港科大成立兩所國家工程技術研究中心香港分中心(Chinese Only)
06/12/2015 CPPCC Vice-Chairman and Minister of Science and Technology Prof. Wan Gang Leads a Delegation to Visit and Award Plague to Partner State Key Laboratory (PSKL) on Advanced Display and Optoelectronics Technologies 
31/08/2015 ECE PhD students Ms. Su Pan, Mr. Ken Tseng, Mr. Guijun Li and MPhil Student Mr. Ronald Ching have won Distinguished Paper Award and Poster Paper Award in the IDMC’15 & 3DSA 2015 
03/02/2015 The paper by Prof. Chigrinov, Prof. HS Kwok and Prof. Abhishek Srivastava's Research Team was the second most downloaded paper in Optics Letters in Nov 2014 and was cited by Liquid Crystals Today in Jan 2015
29/12/2014 Poster by Prof. Vladimir Chigrinov, Prof. Abhishek Srivastava and Collaborators from National Chiao-Tung University won Outstanding Poster Award in 2014 Taiwan Liquid Crystal Society Conference
22/12/2014 Article by Prof. A. Srivastava, Prof. V. Chigrinov, and Prof. H.S Kwok has been published on the SPIE Newsroom
29/11/2014 - 02/12/2014 1st International Conference on Photoalignment and Photopatterning in Soft Materials
06/11/2014 星島日報 - 港國家級實驗室揭秘(Chinese Only)
23/10/2014 Research Work by Prof. H.S. Kwok and Prof. V. Chigrinov's team was reported in the Optics Letters
21/08/2014 Postgraduate Workshop on Display Research
05/08/2014 Prof. V. Chigrinov of ECE will publish a book titled "Liquid Crystal Photonics"
09/05/2014 Dr. Abhishek Srivastava has won the 2014 Michi Nakata Prize for Early Career Achievements
28/04/2014 Prof. Vladimir Chigrinov has been appointed Guest Professor of Shanghai JiaoTong University
27/09/2013 The Standard - Lab opens up in name of energy efficiency
27/09/2013 蘋果日報 - 科大研發微型顯示器 推動Google Glass面世 (Chinese Only)
27/09/2013 蘋果日報 - 新實驗室集中研究節能 (Chinese Only)
27/09/2013 明報 - 科大早研Google Glass技術港走寶乏投資售台灣 Google入股值3億 (Chinese Only)
27/09/2013 文匯 - 港商不識寶 錯失Google Glass(Chinese Only)
27/09/2013 文匯 - 科大研「慳電芒」 充電一次用9日(Chinese Only)
27/09/2013 Metro 香港都市日報 - 港商拒投資放走Google Glass (Chinese Only)
27/09/2013 大公網 - 科大研發Google glass顯示器 (Chinese Only)
27/09/2013 太陽報 - 科大Google Glass組件港商走寶 (Chinese Only)
27/09/2013 頭條日報 - Google Glass先驅科大慨歎港企走寶 (Chinese Only)
27/09/2013 晴報 - 科大成功研究 港企走寶  Google Glass微型顯示技術 (Chinese Only)
27/09/2013 香港商報 - 夥拍中山大學 研光電子技術 科大重點實驗室專攻綠色顯示 (Chinese Only)
27/09/2013 星島日報 - 科大國家級實驗室 研新顯示技術 (Chinese Only)
26/09/2013 蘋果日報 - 【短片】科大研發Google Glass組件 港企唔識貨 (video)
26/09/2013 HKUST Establishes Partner State Key Laboratory to Advance Research in Advanced Displays and Optoelectronics Technologies











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